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It seems like a simple enough idea; Add a water feature to your healthcare space and voilà, suddenly you have a peaceful, relaxing environment, right?

Um, the short answer is yes and no.

Quick story…

I was once at the dentist’s office and the doc had a zillion stimulating elements in the design of his office, including a water feature.

The water fountain was on a high setting [I could tell] and I felt the energy of a rushing waterfall coming at me about to pull me under.

That, along with music playing and a tv running in the background wasn’t exactly the best grouping for this gentle soul freaking out over a chipped front tooth.

Over the past decade plus of designing healing spaces, I’ve seen how the simple act of placing a water fountain in a space can be challenging for many docs and practitioners.

Here’s some guidance and a new Pinterest board to get you in the flow.

4 Important Steps to Using a Water Feature in your Healthcare Space:

#1) Balance the stimulating design components in your space with calmer ones.

Don’t over do it with many competing sounds in the environment, like in my dentist story. Instead, balance out the sounds of your water fountain, music and other noises [like people talking] so they compliment each other and don’t compete.

Here’s a super easy way to check this: Turn on the water feature to various settings. With each setting, sit in the environment, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Now ask yourself, “Does the sound of the water make me feel relaxed or stimulated?” 

#2) Keep your water feature on a low to medium setting. Even better, set it up and test it out several times by following the directions in #1.

#3) When you place your water feature at the entrance of your clinic, waiting room or facility [which is always a lovely greeter] make sure the flow of the water is not pointing directly opposite the door. 

Instead, arrange the water fountain so the water is flowing inward, preferable toward your reception desk, where payment for services is exchanged. In Feng Shui, this is important for your money energy to continue to flow into your business and not out.

#4) Make your water fountain personal by [for example] making the water fountain yourself or asking your beloved to do it. If you purchase your water fountain, add personal elements to it like positive affirmations written on rocks you can buy at the local spiritual book store.

Lastly, I know it’s not always easy to find the best water fountains for your waiting room, treatment or exam room or office space that is within your budget and doesn’t break after the first week of use.

To help, here’s an infusion of design inspiration for you with my newest Pinterest board, Water Fountains For Your Healthcare Office.


Enjoy! I made it just for you.

Yours Wholeheartedly,


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