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At 5:30am Philip and I woke up to the sound of what felt like an avalanche crashing down on our house.

The cats froze and then in a flash scurried under the bed. It was still plenty dark outside. With the electricity now out, my mind suddenly moved into the catastrophic landmine of “What if this happens, oh no’s and holy shits…”

And I knew very well that if I allowed my mind to take me down the rabbit hole of OMG’s and freak outs of potentially dangerous situations, my heart rate would accelerate faster than the Enterprise in warp speed.

Instead, I chose to change the worry station in my mind to the curiosity station—staying focused in the present moment, making sure everyone was safe and then waiting until my husband came in from the dark with his answers to what the heck just happened.

It turned out, a 100 foot Fir Tree on our street fell over (next to our home, not on it) and took with it several power lines left hanging dangerously in our driveway.

I called PGE and within minutes they were on the scene, making sure the street was safe.

And we were safe. As soon as I chose to think positive thoughts, I started to feel better, calmer and in the present moment.

That got me thinking about the subject of worry and I remembered something I recently read about the topic by Seth Godin:

“Worry is useful when it changes our behavior in productive ways. The rest of the time, it’s a negative form of distraction, an entertainment designed to keep us from doing our work and living our lives.”

So yeah there could’ve been a real potential danger in that moment after the tree fell down. And there also could’ve been my mind latching onto every worry story it could get ahold of. But I didn’t let it happen and everything was fine.

That got me thinking about your business and your space.

When something goes wrong at work does it take you down the rabbit hole of worry?

Does it trigger a place in you from a past experience when things just didn’t go right?

The same thing can be said of worrying over a remodel, redesign, even selecting a new color. Worry can take you out of inspiration and into downright negativity. It can keep you stuck in fear and doubt which is a super sucky place to be. (I know you already know this.)

Sometimes fear can keep you from moving forward in your work and in your life, including changes in your environment.

If you’re feeling that desire to make improvements to your waiting room, office, treatment room, etc. but… then worry takes over with thoughts like:

#1 – I don’t have the money right now to make the big change I want to and a small change won’t really make a difference
#2 – I don’t want to make a mistake and then have to pay for it later when I have to fix it, like choosing the wrong wall color.
#3 – There are more important tasks than redecorating my office, clinic or treatment room.
#4 – I don’t like change…

You’re not alone.

My big message for you today is this:

Sometimes small design changes are the important next step to creating your dream space. I encourage you to take one step at a time. One small design improvement like painting your bathroom at work a new beautiful new wall color can be the fuel you need to keep moving forward.

If you’ve been on the fence about making changes to your environment, regardless of it’s a new paint color or moving to a new location and having to make a big decision about it, The Waiting Room Cure or The Color Cure just may be your new best friend.

Read about the books here:

Yours in relaxing and delicious healing environments,


P.S. December (online, interactive) design workshops update! If you’re interested in getting my design eyes on your treatment room or waiting room at an affordable price, send me a note here. I need at least 5 people interested and right now I have 3.