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My new client’s patient calendar was booked out for several weeks and he had to turn new patients away.

He owned the building where he ran his chiropractic practice and natural light was his waiting room’s biggest asset.

He was loved by all his patients and a big (over)giver with a huge heart.

His days felt chaotic and hurried with no time to breathe or rest.

Baby #2 was on the way and he felt burnout dancing its way to his doorstep.

He was racing the clock. Everyday.

A patient-centered design for your office, clinic or treatment room is not just for your patient.

It’s for you.

If you’re feeling close to burnout, it may be time to take a closer look at how a new design for your dental, medical or healthcare office can radically reduce daily stress, create stronger systems and higher profits.

Get the help you need to live the life you love: