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When I asked Howard Farran (aka, the dentist version of Tony Robbins and the guy who created the mega-popular what he thought of my latest book, The Waiting Room Cure, he said, “Cheryl, you design with dopamine in mind.”

I’m not just telling you this to toot my own horn, (although I can receive a compliment, thank you Howard 😉) but rather to illustrate a point about your healthcare or wellness space.

More specifically, let’s talk healing art in your waiting room and how it can take your business from “Meh, it’s crickets in your waiting room!” to “Hey, what the hell happened? We need more chairs for all the new patients showing up….”

Here’s what science says about big, beautiful and immersive nature prints hung on the walls of your waiting room:

“It is as if when you’re looking at a beautiful scene, your own brain gives you a morphine high! Not only that, but as color, depth, and movement are added to the scene, more and more waves or nerve cells become active farther along this opiate-rich gradient of the brain.”  —-Esther Sternberg MD, Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being.

If you’ve never heard the words Evidence-Based Art, you’re gonna love my latest episode of The Wellness Design Podcast. In Season 2: Episode #1, I interview Peter C. Blanchard—a Portland, Oregon based nature photographer who specializes in healing art.

Peter explains the difference between evidence-based art and stuff sold at big box stores with specific info about what types of nature art tap into the feel-good centers of the brain, what’s best for your patients, and how to get these ready-to-hang exquisite prints delivered directly to your doorstep.

I know you’re gonna super dig the interview and learn a ton about how to upgrade your office in one of the easiest and most powerful ways possible.

Listen in here:

Yours in dopamine,