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When my San Francisco clients hired me to redesign the reception of their wellness spa, one of the goals for the space was that it help put an end to their kvetching clients.

[Kvetch from the Urban Dictionary: “Yiddish word for piss and whine, habitually complain.”]

When I probed with more questions, I discovered that 25% of the spa’s clientele were unsatisfied with prices and oftentimes tried to bargain them down.

Over time, this continued to be a problem as it began to erode the owners’ self-confidence around raising prices ever and expanding to a second location.

On today’s episode of The Wellness Design Podcast I share¬†more details about this story and how the design of the space resolved the issue completely.

You’ll also learn when it’s time to get serious about upgrading the professional aesthetic in your wellness or healthcare space and how to transition out of the dorm-room look.

Listen here:

With love and an end to kvetching clients,