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What do you do when your pediatric patients are bouncing off the walls of your waiting room and their parents are freaking out?

First, take a deep breath, right?

In today’s new episode of The Wellness Design Podcast, I dive deep into this subject with big-hearted wellness design expert Davis Hart.

Davis is a wellness interior designer and educator at The Boston Architectural College who specializes in children’s places, trauma-informed spaces and birth environments.

On the podcast, we talked about how the design of your waiting room can help make your mostly sweet and sometimes challenging moments with kids be better, more nurturing and help parents feel more relaxed too.

Here are some highlights:

👉 Hear about the dentist who created a kid-scale front door to help his pediatric patients feel safe and welcomed in his office.
👉 Learn how a fish tank set inside a wall serves as a positive distraction for special needs kids in the waiting room and allows the staff on the other side of the wall to keep an eye on their clients.
👉 Gain insight into cultural messages about color that play a role in the design of your healthcare space.
👉 Learn what types of furniture are best for the waiting room and how to create a perceived sense of privacy for families.

I love this woman and I know you will too.

Listen to the episode here 👇

Yours in smart, nurturing and beautiful design,