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One of the first podcasts I was guest on was Dentalpreneur--hosted by the wildly successful and open-hearted dentist Mark Costes.

It was an exquisite opportunity to talk to a group of healers (yes dentists are healers, too) who benefit enormously by installing patient-centered designs in their practices.

After all, just the thought of going to the dentist makes so many of us want to curl up in a ball and crawl under a rock. 😱

Anticipatory anxiety that often creeps in under your skin as each day gets closer to the scheduled appointment can leave anyone feeling wiped out for days after. Ugh.

But… when dentists install soft lighting, beautiful artwork, and nurturing wall colors in their waiting and treatment rooms that exude comfort and make you feel like you’ve just walked into a hug, that whole experience changes for the better.

On the show, Mark asked me all kinds of questions about how to create a dental office that keeps patient retention rates high and referral rates flowing.

I offered him an on-the-spot quick design consultation for one of his seven dental practices located in Chino Valley, Arizona—population 10,700 and as Mark shared, a place where cows outnumber people.

Mark was interested in replacing his overhead fluorescent lights located in all seven of his treatment rooms after he found out from me that the country of Germany had banned these types of lighting in all their buildings because of the evidence showing it contributed to diseases and disorders like melanoma and migraines.

And before I offered new lighting suggestions, here’s how our conversation went:

Me: What’s the demographic of your patients?
Mark: Pretty much everyone from kids to the elderly.
Me: Okay. What’s the geography like in Chino Valley, Arizona?
Mark: Pretty flat. The cows outnumber the people and there is a big culture of rodeos here.
Me: Cool. So, is it safe to assume there is an abundance of masculine energy there?
Mark: Yup.
Me: And not a lot of the soft, feminine energy in the natural setting (like green forests and streams) and probably not in the decor of your office right?
Mark: Right. The artwork is mostly images of rodeos.

That short conversation gave me enough information I needed to guide Mark in selecting the best overhead light fixture for each of his seven treatment rooms.

From our quick conversation, I was able to ascertain that the space needed a big infusion of feminine energy and in this case in the light fixture.

The answer was easy.

Install an off-white overhead light fixture that is made of fabric and round (or curved) in shape, to scale and proportion to the size of the room and one that hangs down a big so the patient reclined in the operatory chair has a pretty fixture to look at. (Don’t ever underestimate the power of something pretty to look at while you’re in the operatory chair. It can take someone who is having a massive panic attack to feeling calm and getting through the procedure.)

Mark’s wife (who is an amateur interior designer) can take it from there. Apparently, she has been designing Mark’s dentist offices with much success.

My Big Message For Your Today?

It doesn’t take much for you to completely shift how your wellness or healthcare space feels.

It simply takes understanding and guidance to get you there.

Get the help you need to start your design project now:

Yours in smart and soulful healthcare spaces,