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The other morning on the drive to my design studio I suddenly saw one our neighborhood resident wild turkeys standing in the middle of the street.

I quickly stopped the car, rolled the window all the way down and inhaled the gift of this exquisite being as he strutted his stuff back n’ forth for my benefit.

I like to think he was flirting with me. [Apparently, male turkeys are known to do this to attract a mate.]

Later that day, I dived into researching the symbology of Turkey [abundance, fertility, and great gifts are coming!] and imprinted Turkey’s messages onto my heart with gratitude.

That got me thinking about the design of your wellness space.

More specifically, I wondered about your power or spirit animal–the animal you most identify with, who encourages and empowers you throughout your life and who sometimes shows up in your dreams with important messages.

I’ll often recommend my clients hang a beautiful print of their power animal on the wall behind where they sit at their desk, crowning their head like a tiara and near their diplomas and certificates.

If you don’t have a desk, but do have an intake area in your exam or treatment room, I recommend hanging a print of your power animal over the patient chair, just across from your chair for you to lovingly gaze at anytime you wish.

An alternative to artwork is to purchase a statue of your power animal you love and place her or him on top of your desk facing the door.

In Western Feng Shui, this is used to help elevate self-confidence, protection and improve respect among patients, clients and staff.

If inspiration moves you, send me note here and answer this question:

Have you every used an image or statue of your power animal in your wellness space, clinic or healthcare facility?  If so, how does it make you and your space feel?

With love from me and my turkey friend.