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Did you see the video clip of German Chancellor Angela Merkel asking Trump if he wanted a handshake during her first visit to the oval office?

I watched the Youtube clip and instead of it making me angry, I smiled.

If you didn’t see it, here’s what happened:

Merkel was seated next to #45 in the oval office, filled with photographers and other people.

She turned to Donald and asked him if he wanted to have a handshake.

He ignored her and smiled like a stressed-out bully does on the first day of school.

Angela, on the other hand, let his icing roll off her chest with a quick shrug.

She didn’t fly off the handle, get fidgety or walk away pissed off.

Instead she reacted with calm in a potentially volatile situation.

With her body language, she said, “I’m not picking up what you’re putting down.”

My big message to you today is also one for me:

Every day we have the opportunity to react to a stressful situation with a client, patient, team member or other person we meet with calm or with another not-so-positive reaction.

Which one we choose is up to us.

We can decide to act like a two-year old having a tantrum, lashing out on social media with 3am tweets or…

We can be a role-model to the people we lead in our communities.

Your person-centered wellness space can help.

Get started here:

With love and a handshake,