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When you design and set up your waiting room and treatment room so that is feels cozy and home-like while keeping your professional aesthetic intact, you’ve just won your patients and clients over for life.


Here’s Why

Aside from you and everyone else loving your space (already a huge deal), when your peeps walk into a familiar setting that reminds them of being at home, their stress hormone (cortisol) suddenly stops flooding their system after boiling for some time with anxiety or worry or fear about their appointment with you.

We humans oftentimes fear going to the dentist, doctor, veterinarian, getting acupuncture, physical therapy, and even getting a facial can sometimes feel scary and out of control.

But… it doesn’t have to.

Fact 👉 Familiarity decreases the stress response in the brain.

Let me put it this way:

When your peeps walk in to your waiting room and treatment room and recognize things like a cute side table with a cute lamp on it and a yummy, cozy chair or sofa and a rug, for example, their brain reaches for a familiar memory and it just so happens to be of their home.

This happens in an instant.

I break this down for you in bite size chunks in my book, The Waiting Room Cure. I walk you through this idea, step by step, and show you how to create it in your space.

I gave Chapter 7 the title, “The Living Room Design Secret” because most healthcare professionals tend to overlook the importance of creating a living room vibe in their office, clinic, or other healthcare space for fear of being “not professional enough.”

The truth is this 👇

Creating a living room vibe in your waiting room or treatment room doesn’t have to cost a bunch of dough.

You can DIY your space into feeling like a million bucks, complete with luxurious paint colors, lighting and artwork that trigger those feel-good yummy dopamine receptors of the brain, all on a budget.

You can repaint the walls of your clinic or office to feel like you (and everyone else) are floating on a cloud, even in the most scariest of situations, like going to the dentist or taking your sick pet to the vet.

I wrote The Waiting Room Cure to help you DIY your space on your own, and with the help of your husband, wife, beloved, friends, family and community.

I wrote the book to make the process of DIY’ing your space easy and fun! I’ve included over 100 images of waiting rooms I’ve designed to help you visualize just how to get there.

My big message for you today is this:

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful. Sometimes we are the ones who stand in our way of greatness.

What is stopping you from creating an office or clinic environment that not only feels cozy and nurturing, but also keeps your patients and clients returning and referring?

Send me a note now and ask me the one burning question about the design of your space that may be keeping you from your dream practice.

And if you’re ready to dive in to DIY’ing your waiting room, head over here and get the help you need:

Yours in spaces that feel like honey over a warm piece of toast,