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After working with a client the other day, I came home and, like always, I started walking up the footpath to our sweet little home when I noticed something energetically off in the cozy area around our garden.

I instantly stopped and found myself staring at our 2 beautiful Zero-Gravity lounge chairs which hadn’t been used in a really long time.

Not for lack of comfort, nor bad weather (it’s been scrumptiously sunny lately) and yet….

Neither Philip nor I had been lounging in them for quite awhile and when we did, within a few minutes we’d head back inside.

“That area”, I thought, “is a dead zone.”

A dead zone, my dear friend, is a term used in Feng Shui when an area, space or room feels lifeless and no one really hangs there AT all, like EVER.

A dead zone in your healthcare practice is an unwelcoming place–one that patients, staff and visitors avoid unless they have no other choice.

For example, when your waiting room is full of patients and there’s nowhere else to sit besides that lifeless area over there in the corner that makes your patient feel prickly and impatient.


Your patient doesn’t understand why the area feels so bad, just that it does, and that flavors her or his experience while there.

(This, of course, is worse for us sensitive folks.)

My Big Message To You Today?

Dead zones are bad for the health and well-being of your practice.

Why do they happen?

There are a multitude of reasons for the existence of dead zones:

1) Your unused waiting room chair is too close to a bathroom or sits next to a wall that is painted a drab color.

2) The sofa in your waiting room sits directly opposite your glass front door and that feels uncomfortable.

3) The exam table in your office directly faces the door, creating an unsafe feeling.

4) Your windowless office, exam room or other medical space is too cluttered.

5) The only lighting in your office is an overhead fluorescent tube that is too bright and glaring.

6) The plants in your office are dying.

The Good News?

Dead zones are easy to fix.
You can instantly and easily bring life to a lifeless area by simply moving your furniture, clearing your clutter or sending those dying plants to heaven with love.

What happens after you do this you won’t believe.

I’ve seen it so many times over the years, I know it to be true.

Suddenly, the energy shifts to a more positive vibe.

Your patients and staff peeps start using the space differently.

That feeling of lifelessness disappears and in its place, a vital energy is created.

It’s so simple you’ll wonder what took you so long to make these easy changes.

So what did I do about our Zero-Gravity chairs?


Within 5 minutes, I moved them (along with our cute side tables) to a more intimate area closer to the garden and away from the footpath.

Of course, I was dying to test out my experiment on Philip and ran inside to tell him what I had done.

Within minutes both Philip and I, and Malcolm, our dog were sitting out there lounging away in what has now become our daily ritual. (true story)

Yours In Health,
Interior Designer Mill Valley, Marin County, San Francisco, CA