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For two years in the early 90’s I was lucky enough to get to live in Rome, Italy.

And during that time I walked A LOT.

I mean, it’s Rome, right? The Coliseum, the Vatican, the Spanish steps… so much to see!

And I smiled a lot too.

When I came across other Italian strangers in the street, I almost always grinned big and quickly sent love their way.

Smiling at strangers is a common cultural association with peeps from the U.S.

And it’s something I love about our country.

Seeing a smile on another person’s face releases the feel good hormone Oxytocin.

We all know how good a smile can feel on the receiving end, especially on those days when we’re not feeling so hot.

What does this have to do with you and your healthcare practice?

A lot.

I recently read a study by Environmental Psychologists Robert Ulrich and Laura Gilpin (2003) who suggested that:

“In addition to nature art, humans are genetically predisposed to notice, and be positively effected by, smiling or sympathetic human faces.”

So… apart from your team smiling and welcoming your patients to your practice the moment they enter, you can also hang lifestyle artwork on your walls that depict smiling happy faces.

For example, here’s my design concept of my brother’s dentist office (Dr. Richard Janis) with lifestyle art showing bright smiling faces:


When you’re sitting in the dentist’s waiting room thinking about a procedure you are about to undergo, seeing an image with a smiling face can instantly calm your nervous system and positively distract you.

Here’s another example of smiling faces in lifestyle artwork in my design concept for Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care’s new waiting/reception area at their clinic:


The smiling faces on the pets and humans depicted in the artwork can instantly lift the heart of a nervous parent who is worried about their beloved cat or dog’s well being.

Smiling faces instill hope and optimism and send an instant message to the brain that says, “Oh this is a happy place, I feel good here.”

That’s great for everyone and even better for your bottom line.

So tell me: “What’s the one thing that makes your patients and clients smile when they walk into your waiting room?”

I’d love to know. Simply hit reply to this email.

In the meantime, check out my Pinterest board, Waiting Room Wall Ideas for your healthcare practice or click on the pretty image below:


I made it just for you.

With Love from my Smiling Face,



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