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Why not place your desk facing a wall with your back to the door?

Save space. Cram it all in, doesn’t really matter right?

Um… wrong.

Research has shown that sitting with your back to a door releases the stress hormone cortisol, whereas sitting with a view of a door releases the feel-good yummy hormone oxytocin.

In fact, it’s rare to meet achievers of any kind who sit looking at a wall.

As best selling author Karen Kingston says, “Facing an insurmountable obstacle (like an unmovable wall) generally has the effect of squashing a person’s spirit rather than inspiring them to do great things.”

For example, if you visit the offices of successful people, you’ll often find that they have intuitively placed their desk in the command position of the room—diagonal to the door and in full view of the room.

Here’s an example of my client Dr. Kristin Sulis’s upstairs office:


This position symbolically says, “I’m open to the world and the world is open to me.”

Emotionally, mentally and physically sitting in the command position helps keep self-esteem high, commands respect from others around you and promotes yourself as the leader you are.

So tell me, if you do sit facing a wall, how does it feel?

Now, try this experiment:

Turn your chair around right now so that you are now in full view of the room.

Does it feel different? If so, how?

I’d love to know. Send me a note here.

Yours in Health,
P.S. If there is absolutely no way you can move your desk, try this Feng Shui remedy: place a vanity mirror on your desk so that you can easily see the door behind you. This way you no one can sneak up on you and your nervous system will feel more relaxed. Here’s one of my favorite vanity mirrors from Anthropologie.


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