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Picture this:

Your patient walks into your practice for the first time, in pain, tired and stressed out from the cray cray energy of her go-go-go life.

You get it.

You get how insane your patient’s life can be on a daily basis, how her muscles tense up and how juggling her many to do lists often feels like slinging herself through mud on a rainy day.

You’ve been there. 

I’ve been there.

Now imagine this:

That same patient of yours walks into your natural medicine clinic, medical office or healing space and deeply sinks into your bad-ass waiting room chair that feels as good as a delicious hug.

Without you even having to do anything extra, your fantastic chair works to help your patient feel emotionally supported, safe, nurtured and oftentimes gives her momentary relief from terrible ongoing pain.

And this happens within the first few minutes of her visit.

Already, your first-time patient loves you.

She loves your space.

She loves your chair.

She wants to come back before she has even seen you, simply because she feels held in your space.

My big message to you today?

The chairs in your waiting room matter.

The cushion that supports your patient’s bottom matters.

Flimsy, too-soft cushions often don’t cut it.

In fact, soft bottom cushions can make things worse for some patients, especially those who suffer from back injuries.

However, if the seat cushion offers medium to firm support, with a soft back pillow to support the lumbar spine, you’ve taken a HUGE step in creating a patient-centered practice everyone LOVES.

High quality waiting room chairs are a smart investment in your practice.

So how do you know what chairs to choose?

I gotcha covered.

You can start the process by heading on over to my Pinterest board, “Chairs For Healing Spaces.”

Or click on the pretty image below:


All My Love,

P.S. Yes, I used the pronoun “her” in my above story but actually bottom chair cushions apply to men and children’s bums too.