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Recently I received an email with an awesome paint color question from list subscriber Jon. With his permission, I am sharing it with you here along with my answer:


Hi Cheryl,

Your Color Cure book is just what I needed! I’m an acupuncturist and am painting my treatment room – its 9′ x12 ‘x 9’ with one window. I was planning on going in the yellow direction before reading your book 😉

I’m thinking of painting the ceiling DEVINE STONE by Devine Color with the walls Spring Has Sprung by Benjamin Moore.

Will these two work together? Will this be too dark for a small room?

– Jon

Before I get into my answer to Jon’s question, here is a picture of an acupuncture room at Marin Natural Medicine that I redesigned with a color that Jon is asking about:


The walls and ceilings are painted in Devine Stone. The ceilings are about 8 feet tall and I always recommend painting a treatment room all one color when the ceilings are under 9 feet.

Jon asked if I thought painting the walls of his small acupuncture treatment room in Spring Has Sprung by Benjamin Moore paints and the ceiling Devine Stone would work well together. (Again, see the walls in the above image for reference.)

Here is a sample of Spring Has Sprung:


Now that you have the two colors Jon is asking about in your head, I think you will understand my answer more clearly.

While I love the color Spring Has Sprung on the walls of a treatment room, I do not love Devine Stone by Devine Color on the ceiling of that same room.

Here’s why:

✅ Spring Has Sprung is an earthy masculine green that feels grounded and relaxing and needs a lighter (more feminine color) on the ceiling to balance out the energy of the space. Two masculine colors together = a heavy feeling.
✅ Greens love to be coupled with grays and some gray paint colors are very feminine. Here are the two I recommended Jon go with for his ceiling instead of Devine Stone:

  1. Cosmopolitan by Benjamin Moore Paints
  2. Pebble by Serena and Lily Paints

So, why does Devine Stone work so well when painted on the walls and the ceiling together like at Marin Natural Medicine (in the above photo?)

My answer:

👉 Devine Stone is a beautiful color on its own and feels very comforting and cocoon-like in a treatment room.
👉 The ceiling is 8 feet high and rooms with this height feel better to be in when the ceilings are painted the same color as the walls. The ceiling disappears and gives the illusion the space is larger.

One of the reasons I love working with paint colors in a healthcare or wellness space is that calming factor it can give to the brain the moment it is painted on the walls.

And Jon’s question comes at an interesting time. I am currently about half way through writing my new book, The Color Cure 2.0How to transform your healthcare office, clinic or treatment room into an oasis by choosing the perfect paint.

This time around, I am replacing all the paint colors from the first Color Cure book and adding more. Devine Paint Color is discontinuing their line of paint and I wanted to give you updated color choices illustrated in a variety of healthcare and wellness settings.

Here’s what else the new book and upgraded (and more expensive) complete bundle will come with:

Over 2 dozen new paint colors to choose from that are based on emerging health design trends for 2018/19 combined with my fifteen years of health and wellness design experience including case studies of what color palettes nurture and calm the mind, body and spirit.
A new e-guide to help you select the best wall colors based on your existing carpet or flooring tones.
✅ An updated version of The 5 Best Gray Paint Colors and how to use them in your wellness, beauty or healthcare environment.
✅ A brand new 18 Wellness Room Color Palettes e-book with illustrations in rooms.
✅ A color troubleshooting guide that answers the most common questions about the paints I recommend, their finishes and other problem solving color issues.
✅ An updated version of The Color Cure Cheat Sheet that you can print out and take with you to the paint store for easy access.

For those of you who have purchased any version of The Color Cure book, you will receive an automatic upgrade in your in-box when it’s ready. And for those of you who have not purchased The Color Cure book, I will be offering a special price here for a limited time.

Cheers to you and your new paint colors for your healthcare, beauty or wellness space! 🥂