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Hi Peeps,

Two days before Christmas, Philip got a surprise text from Craigslist.

For the last six months, he’d been on the hunt for a new office in our charming downtown Sebastopol, but the right space wasn’t showing up… just yet.

Philip had set up a text notification on Craigslist so that when something showed up with his specifications, he always got a text with all the details.

This holiday season, we decided to stay put and hang low and cozy at home. So when the text came in that a new office space was available, we jumped on it and scheduled a visit the following day.

Philip fell in love with the space and so did I.

Apart from beautiful hardwood floors, 9′ tall ceilings and old world charm with newer double pane windows and loads of natural light coming in through the tall windows, there was an extra office space that came with the lease.

And that additional space will be my new design studio.

As I write this note to you, the spaces have already been painted and cleaned, including the scrubbing of the windows both outside and in.

When we first walked into the rooms, the walls were painted yellow using a rag technique to make the textured walls look even more textured.

Here’s a quick peak at what Philip’s office looked like that first day:


The landlord and owner of the building was very proud of the yellow wall color and loved it. He himself had painted it and asked me what I thought.

I let him down gently and congratulated him on doing a great job with the paint. I shared that yellow was a very stimulating color and contributed to anxiety. And that yes, I would be hiring someone to repaint the space ASAP, before we moved in.

The truth was the yellow walls and the warm colored flooring together made me feel agitated.

As I’ve shared before, too many warm colors in a space is like being in the hot sun for too long without any shade. At first it might feel great and then after ten minutes or so, it can start to feel very uncomfortable. The rag effect on the walls contributed to an even more anxious, chaotic feeling.

The landlord understood and was happy that he didn’t have to finish painting the remainder of the space.

Here’s a quick peak at the space post new paint yesterday morning on a rainy day:


Can you feel the difference between the before and after photos?

[For the walls I selected one of my new favorite grays: Pussywillow by Sherwin Williams Paints and the ceiling was painted with Benjamin Moore’s Tempest. Gray is often the perfect backdrop for bright and colorful artwork which will be going up on the walls soon.]

Can you feel how much calmer and more relaxed the space feels after it was painted?

And that’s just with paint. Imagine after I design the spaces [with new lighting, window treatments, furniture, artwork and rugs] how they are going to look and feel.

If your healthcare setting has been bothering you for some time now and you don’t know why, a new paint color might be all you need to completely shift how the space looks and more importantly, feels to you, your patients, clients and work peeps.

Get the help you need to transform your wellness space into an oasis by choosing the perfect new paint colors now:

I’ll share more photos of my new design studio¬†when I finish designing it.

Big Love,