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Dear Ones,

During a six-month teeth cleaning appointment at the dentist, I was hanging there in the chair, mouth wide open, when a sign hung on the wall suddenly caught my attention.

It looked something like the above photo.

Suddenly, I felt icky in my body.

The sign really turned me off.

I thought, “Really? I’m in the chair right now and you’re asking me for a referral?”

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a referral.

But this sign felt TOO SALESY to me.

And I knew I wasn’t the only patient who felt that way.

My big message for you today?

You don’t need a sign like this in your dental practice, medical office or wellness space when your waiting room and treatment rooms are consciously designed with the patient in mind.

When your wellness space feels nurturing and safe, your patient and client peeps will automatically, effortlessly and exuberantly share their positive experience with family, friends and social media.

Your referral business can easily increase within six months at an average of 35%, and oftentimes much more.

In my fourteen years of designing boutique healthcare practices and wellness businesses, I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

So do me a favor, will ya?

If you’ve got one of those signs on the wall of your treatment or waiting room, take it down and instead repaint the room a nurturing color that your patients can really sink into.

You’ll be so glad you did.

Get the help you need selecting the best paint colors for your space here: