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Hi Sweet Peeps,

Yesterday morning at 3:15am the full moon was at the closest point to the earth since January 26, 1948.

That was 69 years ago. And according to NASA, we won’t see another full moon this close to our planet again until 2034.

Instead of calling it a super moon, this full moon is being referred to as the super SUPER moon.

Cray, cray right?

As we all know, when the moon is full, apart from the ocean tides rising, our emotions feel amplified, expanded and the intensity of things around us is magnified.

The water inside our bodies expands in the same way the tides do.

**insert deep breath**

One of my concierge doctor clients tells me that during full moons, she sees more patients in acute pain or urgent care situations.

Other clients share how during the full moon period, they see a rise in client no-shows.

When I hear one story like this it’s not an isolated incident. The same intense feeling is happening for several of my clients (and their patients) at the same time regardless of what medicine they practice or health service they offer.

This includes doctors, veterinarians, therapists, wellness and health practitioners, and so on.

Your Wellness Space Is A Refuge

Your wellness or healthcare space can be a refuge for your clients, patients, team members, colleagues, the UPS guy, the postwoman, and anyone else who walks through your front door during this super SUPER full moon time… and always.

It’s hard to imagine how by designing a space that makes people feel nurtured and safe you could really make a difference in healing the world.

But it does. And you do.

I’ve had clients tell me that after they’ve transformed their health spaces into nurturing and safe environments, their patients and clients report back how their appointments have become a mini-respite in their otherwise chaotic day.

As one of my acupuncture clients shared:

“After the new colors and design of my acupuncture clinic, my white-walled industrial space was transformed into a calm and peaceful oasis. Now everyone who walks through the front door says, ‘Wow, this space is amazing!’ I opened my doors 6 months ago and my business is now thriving. 50% of my clients are now referred by existing clients, while 85% of my clients are repeat clients.”

—Heather Bergstrom, LAc | Owner | Vitality Acupuncture Clinic

The redesign of your wellness space doesn’t have to be expensive and you can do the project one step at a time.

A new paint color is the first step.

Get all the help you need here:

Take good care on this super SUPER full moon.

With Love,