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We all know the real estate world makes a huge deal about first impressions (aka curb appeal) when it comes to selling a home.

And with good reason.

Psychologists say we make up our minds about a person within the first fifteen seconds of meeting them.

And the same is true when viewing a house… or any space.

So… what happens during the first fifteen seconds after your client/patient steps into your healing or medical office?

What do they see and how does it make them feel?

Is your space welcoming and does it say, “Come in and relax while I/we take outstanding care of you?”

Or does it say…

“Please excuse us, we’re overwhelmed in here… hurry up, get in, hurry up, get out–giddy up?”

How to design a first impression in your healing space that becomes a lasting impression

The design goal here is to create a smaller area that becomes the focal point of your practice from the perspective of the front door.

I like to call it your patient/client’s personal “Welcoming Station”—a decorative point in the room (again, across from your front door) that welcomes all guests who enter, without you having to do anything extra.

Here are a few examples of “welcoming stations” that create great first and lasting impressions:

#1 A small round table displays a container or vase with beautiful fresh flowers changed regularly in front of an exquisite nature photograph on the wall like this:


#2 One to three luscious curved-leaf plants with a statue of Buddha or Kwan Yin (or another sweet deity you love) grouped together opposite your front door bathing under a beautiful halogen spotlight like this:


#3 A floor, wall or tabletop water fountain strategically placed across from your front door like this:


The above are all great examples of design elements that will instantly help your patients and clients relax even before they even get to the front desk to check-in.

The mental impression forms in the brain, the nervous system relaxes and immediately there is a positive association with your practice, your staff… and you.

Pretty simple, right?

So tell me, “What’s the first thing your patient/client sees when she or he enters your healing practice?”

I’d love to know.

Your Biggest Supporter,

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