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Over the past 14 years of designing healing environments, I am repeatedly asked these 3 questions:

#1 – How do I figure out my budget?
#2 – There are so many choices out there, how do I know which is the best chair, art, paint color, lighting, rug and (fill in the blank)?
#3 – How will my investment in my person-centered design in my waiting room or treatment room, clinic or facility pay off for my business?

And over the past 14 years I’ve been answering these questions by designing new custom wellness designs (all within the budget I help you figure out) that send your self-confidence skyrocketing, tripling your business income by attracting your perfect clients and growing your referral business to places you never imagined possible.

For those of you who have worked with me before or have used the design tools I teach in my books, podcast and here, you know how powerful a new design can be for your business.

Here’s a snippet of what some of my clients report back after they’ve hired me to design or redesign their wellness spaces:

“I’ve gained more respect from my patients and peers, and my confidence has skyrocketed during my meet and greets. I feel empowered in my work!” –Dr. Michelle Winchell, Earth Friendly Medicine

“The results of Cheryl’s design have been insanely positive. Our perspective on the business has become more confident and we are seeing an immediate increase in revenue too!” –Candace Combs, In-Symmetry Wellness Spa

“Since working with Cheryl and redesigning our dental practice, we have seen over a hundred new patients come in.” –Dr. Adam Diesburg, DDS

“The biggest surprise working with Cheryl were the results; our business tripled in volume and in income!” –Dr. Athena Paradise, Heart in Hand

My big message for you today?

Merely clean and sterile medical, healthcare and wellness environments no longer cut it if you want your small business to stay in the game. 

Your clients and patients want more from your space and they are willing to pay you generously for it.

Today I have a big reveal for you.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working non-stop in my design laboratory on a new design service for you.

I’ve been so inspired with this new service, I’ve worked nights and weekends to finish it.

It is the only design service I now offer.

If you’re ready to take your healthcare, medical or wellness business into the next solar system of awesome, learn more about my one and only new design service here:

Your Biggest Cheerleader,