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I’ve heard from several of you that you love seeing before and after pics of wellness spaces I’ve designed because it helps you visualize the potential of your healthcare or wellness space.

So, without further ado, here are a few before pics of woman-owned and operated Laurelhurst Dentistry in Portland, Oregon.

I snapped these first few photos at our initial meeting many years ago:

And yeah, it’s not exactly the worst dental office you’ve ever seen, right? And yet… it could be so much better.

My client complained of the space feeling sterile and unwelcoming, outdated and not an accurate reflection of her design preferences or the practice’s professionalism.

She (and her team) desired a welcoming, friendly and restorative space where patients could feel comfortable and relaxed before going in for a procedure.

I was honored and thrilled to help.

Here’s the space after the carpets were torn out and replaced with wood laminate, the walls and ceiling repainted, and the entire room redesigned:

Here’s what my client (and her team) said about the new design:

“I’m amazed at how beautiful and restful our waiting room has become. With the new look and feel, patients report feeling calmer and less anxious about procedures. Staff report looking forward to coming to work in a different way. Best of all, referrals are now at 80%!” —Dr. Adrienne Fischl, DDS, Laurelhurst Dentistry

I seriously can’t make this stuff up. Over the past 15 years of helping healthcare professionals redesign their offices, clinics, studios, staff rooms, bathrooms and stand alone treatment rooms, I’ve seen the following results:

👉 Up to 85% increase in patient retention rates within the first year of the completion of the redesign
👉 An average increase in referrals of 40%, and in some cases, up to 300% within 6 months of the installation of the new design
👉 Businesses turned around from marginal to highly profitable
👉 Increased patient volume supported hiring additional staff
👉 Clients report attracting patients that are a better fit for the practice
👉 Majority of clients report positive financial impacts within the first year of redesign
👉 Excellent ROI on investment in the new design

My big message for you today is this:

Your patients and clients want to pay you a premium for an exceptional experience in your space. And in fact, they are looking for it.

The two largest living populations in the United States—Baby Boomers and Millennials—have an enormous influence on the design of medical and healthcare facilities.

Studies show that Boomers want 5-star hotel service from their medical and wellness providers without sacrificing clinical excellence, while Millennials report technology and waiting room artwork and decor high on their list of must-haves at their favorite doctors, dentists and healthcare practitioners’ offices.

Your wellness environment plays a critical role in delighting patients who now have more choice in the marketplace and are demanding that your healing space is not only pleasing to the eye, but is also easy on the nervous system—and restorative to the brain, body, mind, and spirit connection.

And really? A beautiful, wellness environment helps you and your team feel less stress and more connected to doing the work you love.

Here are three offerings I’ve created to help you get the results you desire regardless of where you live on planet earth:

🥂Cheers to you doubling your referral business,

💖 Cheryl