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Yesterday Philip and I finally saw the new Star Wars film, “The Last Jedi.”

To be honest, I normally don’t like going to the movies these days because it’s often crowded (I’m a huge introvert) and I prefer my personal space (and our large, beautiful HD screen at home.)

It was our first time at the newly remodeled Airport Stadium 12 in Santa Rosa and to my absolute delight, the theater seats reclined (not kidding!) and in-between the rows half walls were installed to give each movie-goer the perceived perception of privacy. (See pic below)

I’ve never felt so at ease in my body at a movie theater. I didn’t hear or see any people behind me. The theater was filled and yet I felt private, safe and cozy in my spot.

This is the experience I want your patients and clients to feel when they walk into your waiting room and sit down in your comfy chairs.

I want your peeps to feel they have some personal space around them even if there is only a small plant that visually separates your patient from their neighbor in the next chair during your busiest time of day.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small practice or wellness business with a tiny waiting room.

Privacy (as in the movie theater) is all in one’s perception.

Plants can easily act as privacy screens when placed on top of side tables and in corners.

I teach this concept in my book, “The Waiting Room Cure: The healthcare practitioner’s guide to transforming the waiting room into a nurturing and highly-profitable referral magnet.”

Learn more about the book here:

Yours in relaxing and friendly healthcare spaces,

P.S. I am considering offering an interactive online healthcare design workshop sometime in February. The limit is 5 people. The cost is $250 a person and runs about three hours. It’s a fun way to get my eyeballs and design heart on your waiting room or treatment room at an affordable cost in an intimate setting. If you’re interested, send me a note.