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Hi Sweet Peeps,

Yesterday morning I went into a local store called Donuts and Water to buy a 3-gallon glass water dispenser for my new design studio.

The store proudly displays their state-of-the-art equipment wholly dedicated to creating delicious reverse osmosis drinking water.

The young woman behind the counter wouldn’t let me take a few small items out of their plastic bags in order to check their sizes… “unless I bought them first” she said.

She quickly gave in after understanding I couldn’t possibly buy the specialty water cap unless I first confirmed it fit.

That got me thinking about theĀ scarcity mentality I sometimes see in healthcare and wellness business owners when thinking about the redesign of their spaces.

The scarcity mentality is definedĀ “as the belief that everything is limited, and thus it is better to be selfish then generous. It’s a cynical term by nature and as author Stephen F. Covey says, it’s based around the idea that there’s not enough of the pie to go around.”

My wellness design wisdom for you today is this:

Every time I’ve seen my clients make intelligent design investments in, for example, evidence-based art that lowers the blood pressure of their patients and staff or waiting room chairs with great lumbar support that helps reduce pain, the return on investment is huge.

Not only does your investment last for many years which translates into less headaches and stress for you, your patients and clients will remember how your chairs and artwork and other items in your space made them feel.

And when your peeps enjoy your beautiful and serene medical or office space, their perceived quality of care increases. Your patient retention rates escalate along with referral business and suddenly your bottom line just got bigger.

If you need help with a tweak in the design of your health space or with a decision about a wall color you’re just not sure of, take advantage of my budget wellness design offerings here:

Yours, in spades,