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We all know what it’s like to step into a healthcare or medical building for the first time and not find clear signage with the doctor or practitioner’s name on it.

You can feel confused or anxious about being late to an important appointment that was perhaps scheduled months ago.

Of course you can always ask someone in the vicinity where Dr. So-and-So’s office is, but when you are in pain, the ability to ask for help in a situation like this is diminished.

By the time you find your destination your stress levels may have gone through the roof and overwhelm begun to set in.

And that’s before your patient steps one foot into your office.

Feeling lost can trigger the brain’s fight or flight response.

Signage is an opportunity to connect and help your patients relax.

There is something instantly calming about seeing the appropriate signage upon arriving to your practice and throughout your patient’s visit to your office.

Your patient or client feels well taken care of by you without you having to do anything extra.

Your beautiful signage instantly connects you (and your brand) to your patient—welcoming them to your practice and guiding them with ease throughout the entire process of their visit.

Your signage helps your patients be more receptive to your compassionate care.

When combined with a patient-centered designed practice, signage contributes to your patients feeling nurtured by you and in a safe space.

So tell me: What’s the signage like at your practice?

Can your patients easily find the bathroom? Do they get lost inside your office, or have difficulty finding your front door?

I’d love to know.

Love from your biggest supporter,


Interior Designer Mill Valley, Marin County, San Francisco, CA

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